New Year, New Projects

The Ministry of Culture was formed twelve years ago and since then it has been involved in creating many arts and cultural projects all benefitting the community at large and the people of Los Angeles in particular. All our programs are interactive in one way or another and engages the public.

It has been a very fruitful experience for all involved. We have had many collaborations with dozens of artists and cultural activists and have been trying to be present in our communities and contribute the only way we know how, by curating exhibitions, public art performances, temporary public art installations and much more that has included almost all art disciplines.

We have new projects planned for 2018. In March we will launch Art Salon Chinatown, an artist exhibition and talk series with a focus on Chinese American artists. We are also bringing back WE SAY NO! and this time we’re calling it WE SAY NO, AGAIN! It aims to engage the public in directly expressing themselves in a very direct way by speaking their mind regarding the proposed border wall-again- and posting the videos all across the media. We also have some other great projects in the works for this year and will be announcing them soon.

Please feel free to send us a note with your contact info if you like to receive occasional updates. Stay Tuned!