In December 2010 Los Angeles witnessed a major act of censorship by the Museum of Contemporary Art. Not a single Los Angeles based organization even questioned this shameful act, let alone protest it or defend the freedom of expression.
A group of Los Angeles artists responded by organizing a very successful street campaign, reports of which have been covered by major news and internet media outlets internationally.

Following the censorship of Blu’s mural at MOCA’s Geffen building, the first of a series of street art started appearing in Los Angeles.
“LA Anonymous” created Supreme {ARTS} Leader, a paste-up that appeared just a few blocks from MOCA. Images of the artwork spread widely through the internet when LA Times published it the next day.

At a time when Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles was about to launch “Art in the Streets, the first major U.S. museum survey of the history of graffiti and street art presented in the United States”, the city of Los Angeles has launched an all out attack on “street artists”.

As the scandal continued into 2010 more artists joined LA RAW art action. There were several other street actions including a major one which involved more than twenty artists at the opening night of MOCA’s  “Art in the Streets”.

To see more of LA RAW art actions please visit LA RAW blog or LA RAW Facebook page.