The Militante Leaf Blowers Marching Brigade

TMLBMB was a performance art project in 2012 in response to political attacks on immigrants by the right wing individuals running for office or already there in the US government.

The “Leader” of the brigade, El Comandante Soplador de Hojas, would make appearances in art exhibitions, poetry readings or other art events and deliver a message from the “Frente” -the Front- to the people in attendance.

The photos posted here are from an appearance in “Narcolandia” the art show which took place in March 2012 in Chinatown, Los Angeles. The show was a visual dialogue between Los Angeles and San Francisco artists relating to the Narco Corrido, Narco Culture and the current drug war in Mexico, California and the world and was curated by artists and curators from LA and San Francisco.